[Bris] Tekken 7 at the Library – June 24th

Are you new to Tekken 7 and want to better understand the game? Then look no further than Team Solid‘s upcoming event that is targeted towards beginners and players of all skill levels.  The day will include an introductory course into all things you need to know to enjoy the game.  Gameplay basics, mechanics and general playstyle introductions, to be hosted by one of Brisbane’s top Tekken players, Yiggs, as well as other members of Queensland Tekken. The event will have a round robin style tournament with plenty of setups for casual play as well.  So if you’re itching for some Tekken knowledge and keen to play, make your way to the Brisbane Square Library in the heart of Brisbane City.

For full details, visit the official event page on Facebook.

[Melb] CCH Fighting Game Casuals – June 24th


CCH (Chris’ Club House) returns this Saturday featuring more FGC casuals and chill – hope to see you guys there! $4 will get you in on the day, but if you bring a monitor/console it’s free.

Details are below but make sure to check out the Facebook event for the meet for any further announcements, which can be found here.

[Melb] CouchWarriors Ranbat – June 24th (Smash 4 + RoA)


CouchWarriors ranbats are back in June!

June 24th’s meet will see tournaments for Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and Rivals of Aether.  Come for a day of tournament excitement and casuals – place well in the ranbat season and win medals and prizes at the end of the year!

For full details on the day, including tournament times, check out the Facebook event.

[Can] Reload Monthly SFV/Tekken 7 Tournament – June 24th

Canberra’s monthly Street Fighter V tournament returns to Reload Bar & Games on Sunday, June 24th, now featuring a tournament for the brand new Tekken 7 and Ultra Street Fighter 2. These tournaments are run in association with Stick Addiction, Canberra’s fighting game community. $10 will get you entry into both tournaments, which will be either double elimination or a swiss bracket depending on the numbers.

For further details visit the Facebook event page.

I Don’t Even (Listen to This) Podcast E28 – Build it and they will come (unless it’s Chun’s face)

With a huge influx of new games on the horizon and OHN15 DIY applications now open, we brought in Virtua Fighter Australia’s own MadeMan to talk about how he resurrected the game he loves in 2 separate countries. No matter what scene you’re in, building a community for a game is easier than you think, and we talked all about just what it takes, how much effort goes into running a bracket and not being free WHILE BEING A TO?

Recorded June 16th, 2017 live @ Twitch.tv/Gamrah

As always, show notes/YouTube archive are available after the jump.


[Bris] Sonic Boom 21 – June 18th


Sonic boom is back on Sunday June 18th, courtesy of Team Solid at GUF Brisbane. PC setups will be used for SFV, so be sure to bring a compatible controller with you on the day. The entry fee is $5 and if you wish to enter the tournament that will cost an additional $5.

Details for the event can be found below but for everything else, including tournament format, rules and prizes, visit the official event page on Facebook.

[Melb] CouchWarriors Ranbat – June 17th (Fighters + Melee/PM)


CouchWarriors ranbats return once again this weekend! June 17th’s meet will see tournaments for Super Smash Bros. Melee, Project Melee, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, Injustice 2 and Street Fighter V.  Come for a day of tournament excitement and casuals – if you place well in the ranbat season you can win medals and prizes at the end of the year!

For full details on the day, including tournament times, check out the Facebook event.

[Hob] Tekken 7 @ Area 52 E-Sports – June 18th

Area 52 E-Sports will be hosting the first in what will hopefully be a series of fortnightly Tekken 7 tournaments starting this Sunday, June 18th. The bracket will be run on Playstation 4 and will be 3/5 the entire way. $5 gets you into the bracket and if you’re a pad player, PS4 pads will be available for use.

For more information be sure to check out the Facebook event.

[Bris] Super Smash 11 feat. Tekken 7 – June 15th

PvP Gaming in conjunction with UQ Smash Bros will be hosting a tournament and casuals event at Jubilee Hotel this Thursday, June 15th. The brackets on offer include singles and doubles tournaments for both Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as well as a bracket for Tekken 7.

For further information on prizes and tournament times, be sure to check out the Facebook event.

[Can] 3D6 June 11th Results


Canberra’s monthly 3D6 tournament returned last weekend, welcoming in the newly released Tekken 7 as well as Street Fighter V’s newest patch featuring Ed. In Street Fighter V, Magnum_Infinity was victorious once again running the gauntlet with a number of characters and in Tekken 7, Roojin was victorious with his Devil Jin/Gigas combo. We’ve got the top 3 for both games below.

Street Fighter V
1st: MAGNUM_Infinity (Guile, Balrog, Ken, Ed, Necalli)
2nd: Percadu (Chun-Li)
3rd: Bukkake_Legend (Vega)
Tekken 7
1st: Roojin (Devil Jin, Gigas)
2nd: Moak (King, Bryan, Master Raven)
3rd: Kevin (Kazuya, Josie)

Reload’s monthly returns on Sunday, July 9th.